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You have reached the start line so what should you bring with you in your saddle bag? Our range of saddle bags can be found HERE.  If you are heading off road – mountain bikers can use Enduro hip/waist bags or gripper backs which can be strapped to any part of your frame instead of a saddle bag and can be found HERE

Two Tubes:

Always check the condition of your Spare Tubes. There is nothing worse than picking up a puncture only to discover the replacement tube also has a tear or rip. Remember rubber perishes over time so make sure your spare tubes are fit for purpose. Do not forget your tyre levers and a mini pump. In recent years, CO2 Mini Pumps have become popular especially in competitive events.  Their big advantage over traditional pumps is that they inflate the tyre a lot quicker, meaning you get going again a lot faster. Learn how to use the CO2 cannisters before you are on the roadside with a puncture!

The CO2 cannister is a must If you are using tubeless tyres and need to seat the bead of the tyre and a burst of air to fast fill as this is something a traditional pump cannot do. However, there is a downside. If lady luck is not on your side and you encounter multiple punctures, you may end up running out of cannisters.

If your event is off road bring along a Plug Kit. A plug kit primary function is to mend a flat tire as quickly and as easily as possible. Most of the times the sealant will plug a small hole, however in some instances the hole is too big to be filled by sealant.



Another essential item for your saddle bag is a Multi-Tool. Try to have one that has a chain breaker. This coupled with a chain connector/Powerlink will ensure you can continue even if you snap your chain. When purchasing a chain connector, make sure it is suitable for your group-set speed. Our chain connectors can be found HERE


A Rear Derailleur Hanger

Not the device you hang your clothes on but a bicycle part! This part is vital and if it breaks it spells the end of your event. The hanger is a sacrificial part located at your rear mech and costs in the region of €20-€40. It is designed to deliberately break to limit or prevent damage to the bike frame or other components. As each bike model has its own unique hanger, the likelihood of the event support vehicle having your type is remote.

Contact our workshop for more details about Hangars

Top Tip. Always make sure you bring enough food and water with you for the event. Also include a small first aid bag. In some off-road events, you need to be self-sufficient as no outside assistance is allowed. Also do not try anything new such as a new type of energy gel or a new pair of cycling shorts on the day of the event. Wear lots of chamois cream. Our range of chamois creams can be found HERE.


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